I’m an 18-year-old ski enthusiast currently taking a gap year to dodge responsibilities and chase snowflakes down the slopes. Ski racing is my version of adulting, and I’m currently on a mission to find sponsors who appreciate my unique talent for turning mountains into personal playgrounds. Future career plan? Who knows, but my snowball dodging skills are on point. And a proud member of big gurlz go fast.

Nickname: stesher
Hometown: Snowmass Village
Age: 18

Schools Attended: Survived high school and decided to take a detour on the academic ski lift.
Degrees: Still working on the “Master of Carving Downhill” degree.
Occupation: Official ambassador for frostbite awareness, showcasing how to stylishly freeze your extremities in the name of extreme sports. Because who needs warm toes when you can have the thrill of frosty adventure?

Current Team: Aspen Valley Ski club
Career Highlights:

Perfected the art of convincing ski instructors that I have a PhD in “Advanced Downhill Philosophy.” And successfully made my way onto the d (delusional) team.

Top National or World Rank:

Somewhere attempting to convince the snow gods to grant me some epic powder days and a few less dnfs.


Proudly endorsed by Swix and ShBuilt they believe in my ability to not fall on my face.

Other Sports & Interests:

I occasionally dabble in the thrilling world of competitive rhetoric and keeping our elders informed on modern day vocabulary.


Perfecting the art of nonchalant tripping in everyday life – because why limit graceful falls to the slopes when you can turn a stumble into a performance art piece on any sidewalk? Also, contemplating the aerodynamics of dropping things and pretending it’s all part of a coordinated routine.

Fun Facts:

I once did a ski race with my goggles on backward and accidentally set a world record for the most stylish descent while being completely disoriented.

Favorite Skier as a Child:

Looked up to Julia Mancuso because her ski goggles matched mine.