With the advent of injected slopes on the FIS World Cup tour, ski technicians began  using motorized side edge tuning devices, both to create a sharper edge and for greater efficiency and accuracy compared to traditional hand filing. There were only a handful of companies making these sophisticated devices.  They were bulky, expensive and required a very steady hand. If you made a mistake with the machine, the skis would be ruined. Can you imagine a ski technician wrecking a pair of Marcel Hircher’s favorite Atomic slalom skis?  Doing would send you back to the dairy farm!

Enter the Razor-Tune, a new motorized side edge sharpening device that’s totally fool proof and affordable. Razor-Tune was developed by Troy Scriven, a GE engineer from the Albany, NY area.  Both of Troy’s kids raced on the USSA and FIS circuits in the east. Faced with the daunting task of tuning several pair of skis every weekend, Troy investigated the few motorized sharpeners that were available on the market. He was not impressed by what he found, and was astonished at how expensive they were. His solution?  Make his own, make it better and make it affordable.

Once Troy completed a limited production run, he went about the process of showing it to a number of coaches in the area.  The response was overwhelmingly positive. Confident that he had a marketable product, he approached Reliable Racing to see if there would be interest in selling Razor-Tune through their online catalog. Reliable Racing embraced the idea, and went even further to introduce Troy to their business partner in Austria. Razor-Tune has arrived in North America and Europe and is available for anyone to buy. For more information go to http://www.razor-tune.com, or www.reliableracing.com.