In Episode 002 of the World Pro Ski Tour Official Podcast, AJ Ginnis joined host Craig Marshall for a conversation. AJ first updated everyone on his season ending knee injury sustained in New Zealand and how that will affect him going forward. Then he discussed his childhood growing up in Greece and learning to ski in Austria before moving to the US to attend GMVS. He then went over his experience on the World Cup since his debut four years ago at the age of 20. He describes his best ever run going 58th to 13th at Madonna in 2016, his infamous rookie haircut, the challenge of trying to qualify for second runs with a high start number and his biggest focus to improve when he makes his return to the WC. He then moved on to describe his first experience on the World Pro Ski Tour when he lost the title at Sunday River after falling in the final gates. He goes on to talk about how much he enjoys the World Pro Ski Tour and why he thinks the dual should be utilized more in the world of ski racing. Towards the end of the interview, AJ discussed the double cross blocking technique, why a specially designed ski for dual slalom could be valuable to athletes and the differences between parallel events on the WPST and the World Cup. In wrapping up, AJ sheds light on his thoughts as to how the US Ski Team can more effectively translate success of junior athletes to the World Cup success.

Enjoy the interview!