Mark Engel joins host Craig Marshall for an interview on the World Pro Ski Tour Official Podcast Episode 005. To start, Mark discusses his plans for the upcoming season with the University of Utah, the World Pro Ski Tour, and the World Cup. He then goes into some of his World Cup experience, including his 3rd place run in the 2016 Zagreb World Cup slalom. He moves on to discussing the World Pro Ski Tour and why it’s so important for him to have a tour that he can compete on in the United States as opposed to traveling around the world competing out of a duffel bag. Next, he chats about the technical side of dual and what he focuses on to be fast, including why he hasn’t utilized the double cross block in the last few dual events. He also chats about how the pressure of having a fast competitor next to you has really killed his ability to ski as fast in the finals as opposed to qualification. Finally, Engel chats about the history of his commitment to Christianity and how that progression has intermingled with his development as a ski racer. Make sure to listen to the podcast all the way through for a really fun bonus at the end (hint: it shows off Mark’s musical talent)!
Enjoy the interview!