It is time to break out your hair spray and tracksuits because the ’80s ski racing fashion favorite, CB Sports, are the new come-back kids on the block.

When professional athletes in the ’70s and ’80s wanted the latest fashion apparel for the slopes, CB Sports was the premier sports fashion brand that everyone wanted to be seen in. Luckily, the company is enjoying a resurgence in American ski culture. The uncomplicated and cool look of CB Sports jackets and other athletic wear is quickly becoming a staple for skiers worldwide.

The story of CB Sports starts in 1969 when the world-famous ski racer and former speed ski world record holder Charles Bird (CB) Vaughan Jr. launched his brand, beginning with the ‘super pant’ that he sold from the back of his car. Over time, his dream of sleek yet functional skiwear became a reality and the market was never the same. The classic CB Sports design dominated the slopes over the following decades.

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