You can find the full rule book here.

START POSITIONS FOR THE QUALIFICATION WILL BE DETERMINED BASED UPON THE ORDER IN WHICH THE PAYMENT FOR REGISTRATION IS RECEIVED. In other words, the sooner you register, the earlier you will run in the qualification day on Friday. The race organization staff reserves the right to make course assignments based upon competitive balance concerns but will stick to the consideration for early registered athletes.

So, head over to our registration page and get yourself signed up! Don’t miss out on your chance to be a part of professional skiing history. See you all there.

Yes. We are certainly open to allowing collegiate athletes to compete. But, there are obviously concerns regarding amateurism and eligibility for the NCAA. Here is the rule regarding Amateurism in respect to this competition:

In all sports except tennis, a student-athlete or prospective student-athlete may accept prize money as long as the amount of the prize is less than or equal to his or her expenses for participating in the competition, such as meals or lodging. The prize money may not pay for expenses of parents or coaches.

NO! This event is totally free. We will have many tremendous viewing areas for skiers and non-skiers alike.

No. Due to concerns over availability of enough women to fill a field, we will not host a separate women’s race this season. But, we would love to have as many fast females in our race as possible! Registration is totally open to men and women over 18.

We only have one restriction; athletes must be over 18 to compete. Besides that, anyone is welcome to enter!

Yes. The event will be broadcast on the weekend following each event, with a weekday encore to follow. Check your local listings for exact airtime’s.

Please see the official WPST rule book. With that said, the course will be set with FIS Slalom skis in mind so be careful with anything else. The super slalom format is designed to be run on slalom skis but to give GS specialists a chance with slightly higher speeds and GS panels.

The courses will all have a vertical drop of approximately 120 meters. The 13-15m gate sets will take approximately 25-35 seconds to complete, depending on snow conditions.

The gates will be set at approximately 1-315m, creating a super-slalom type course. There will be two or three pro style jumps at approximately 1 meter off the snow.

Qualifications and Round of 32 will be held on Saturday.  Qualification will be run side-by-side just like the finals, but will be based on individual times instead of head-to-head winners. In the finals, the top 32 athletes will compete head-to-head in a single elimination bracket, with each matchup consisting of two runs. Each athlete will compete on the red course and the blue course, and the racer who wins the time differential advances.