Bryan Bailey

Hometown: Boise
Nationality: American
Date of birth: January 22, 1996
Marital Status: Single
School(s) Attended: Williams College
Degrees: french and l’informatique
Occupation: nerd
Team: uber freight

my brain

Career Highlights:

j5 imd stubbies champion, 2nd run j3 j0s slalom champion, two top-ten ncaa runs, you know just the stuff you keep extra space around the house for cause of all the hardware

Top National or World Rank:

not sure, check ussa

Favorite Skier as a Child:

brenda bugilone

Other Sports & Interests:

spear-fishing (when i’m not singlehanding), semi-professional dj, chewing gravel, takin’ names



Fun Facts:

directed an episode of snow-motion