The Kid from Alaska with Red Hair. I guess now I’m the guy from Alaska with a red beard.

Nickname: Kieffer
Hometown: Anchorage, Alaska
Age: 31

Schools Attended: Burke Mountain Academy, Dartmouth, University of Nevada Reno
Degrees: working on a PhD
Occupation: Grad student, Assistant coach for Nevada Ski Team.

Current Team: Nevada Ski Team
Career Highlights:

National Champion in GS in 2016.

Top Nor-am accomplishments include usually winning stuck in the mud.

Top National or World Rank:

44th in the world in GS


Nordica, Spyder

Other Sports & Interests:

I love all sports


Getting ready for ski season

Fun Facts:

I love traveling with loose bindings in my carry on baggage.

Favorite Skier as a Child:

Have to go with the LIL FAWN aka TED LIGETY. Shout out to Bode, Daron, Erik Schlopy, and of course Jimmy Cochran. Can’t forget legends like Hermann Maier, Michael von Grünigen, Kalle Palander, Marcus Sandell, Blardsauce AKA Massimiliano Blardone, Naoki Yuasa, Alain Baxter. Hans Petter Buraas had great hair.