When Max’s parents came to this country in search of a better life they began spending a lot of time in the mountains in order to pursue their passion for alpine skiing. Max was first put on skis at 15 months old, and despite facing some challenges he still hasn’t stopped. Ski racing for SVST, now known as the Palisades ski team, he was shipped off to Utah to join Rowmark Ski Academy and chase his dream of never getting a job and being paid to ski. This didn’t work out. Max was admitted to a prestigious university with an NCAA Division 1 alpine ski racing program so he could get a great education while also being able to continue to pursue his dream of skiing and ski racing. This also did not work out. Now Max surrounds himself with great people as often as possible and still loves to ski. This seems to be working out.

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Nickname: Maxelrod
Hometown: San Francisco
Age: 29

Schools Attended: SFSU, Williams College, Rowmark Ski Academy
Degrees: C’s get degrees, but alas D’s and F’s do not
Occupation: Serial Job Hunter

Current Team: Me
Career Highlights:

Working on those.

Top National or World Rank:

I was once the 48th-best super-g skier in the USA. I could have done better.


Mom & Dad

Other Sports & Interests:

Utilizing gravity as much as possible.


Being around people that are better than me and make me want to also be better than me.

Fun Facts:

You can’t plug your nose and hum at the same time.

Favorite Skier as a Child:

Shane, Bode, D$