Ski racing is my chosen form of procrastination, and I’m on a mission to discover how many times I can use the phrase “it’s all downhill from here” in a serious context. Future degree? Maybe. Future wipeouts? Definitely.

Nickname: T
Hometown: Incline Village
Age: 20

Schools Attended: made it through high school only going two weeks out of the year
Degrees: High school graduate i think? never got my diploma.
Occupation: Hater i don’t make much but i do it for the love of the sport

Current Team: Aspen Valley Ski Club
Career Highlights:

The inspo for the name “big gurlz go fast” account.

Top National or World Rank:

Currently holding the #1 position in skiing my way to the top in style and a touch of magic


My parents but unsure if they will continue funding this journey. (in need of a sugar daddy)

Other Sports & Interests:

i love to dabble in the field of billieing the male species, in hopes to bring down the god complex the all seem to acquire.


i love to cook, clean and take care of the kids, anything involving a pink job! and tinder

Fun Facts:

i’m a bitch and i should be reported to safe sport for bullying and very dumb peep the blonde hair
i also am in need of a phone number to use for new tinder account (because i was banned, don’t ask)

Favorite Skier as a Child:

Gail Lewis because i strive to work the aisles of walmart as well as her